“Our parents and grandparents wouldn’t dream of using chemical cleaners 60 years ago. They’d use vinegar, baking soda, and a few other ingredients from around the home – plus some elbow grease – and would be healthier for it”

The Basics of Cleaning with Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential Oils are natural plant based oils extracted by either cold-pressing or steam distillation. These Oils from plants have been used for hundreds of years as natural remedies. They’ve also been proven to be safe to use in limited quantities. The healing properties of Ginger, Clove, Tea Tree, and many more essential oils — discovered in ancient times — are still being used all over the world today.

Chemical-Free Natural Fragrance

Essential Oils are naturally very fragrant, so a small amount added to a cleaning recipe can give it a wonderful scent without using chemicals. Essential Oils provide the perfect natural way to transform the smell of your cleaners — and your home! Since you add them yourself, you can even add variety by using a different oil in each new batch of household cleaner.

Naturally Antibacterial

Antibacterial chemicals like Triclosan are doing a number on the tiny organisms throughout our environment and in our own bodies. Essential Oils offer a full range of antibacterial effectiveness, from gentle cleaners to powerful disinfectants, without the dangerous chemicals. Each of our Essential Oil blends was developed to include at least one type of Essential Oil that has a strong antibacterial property. Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Lemon are among the oils that have exceptionally strong antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. By disinfecting naturally, you can eliminate harmful germs from your home and keep the good ones!

The Health Benefits of Cleaning with Essential Oils

A lot of what inspires people to go green has more to do with what we don’t know than what we do. Hundreds of Essential Oils have been proven to deliver an incredible array of health benefits, but when it comes to cleaning, the primary gain comes from reducing exposure to chemicals. Most of the chemicals in conventional household cleaners haven’t even been tested for their effects on humans, so their impact has yet to be seen. Since essential oils have been used for thousands of years, we know which ones are safe for human exposure. When you make your own non-toxic cleaning products, you know exactly what’s in there — whether your recipe includes essential oils or not. At Cleaning Essentials, we believe that reducing the amount of chemical-based artificial fragrances and conventional antibacterials we expose ourselves to will likely have positive health benefits.

Simplify your life, eat healthier, join a CSA

Simplify your life, eat healthier, join a CSA

CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture shares are a great way to get fresh, healthy, affordable produce weekly from a local farm. CSAs help support farmers and the community. Food from CSAs are fresher and grown more sustainably than most super market produce, and helps support local agriculture.

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DIY Granite Counter Top Cleaner

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Clean up oil based paint with Olive Oil!

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