Kitchen Clean

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DIY Kit for Natural Homemade Cleaners | 1 Empty Essential-Oil-Safe 16 oz. Spray Bottle & 1 Reusable Cleaning Wipes 32 oz. Glass Container with reclaimed cloth wipes | High Quality Lead-Free Glass – Make your own non-toxic cleaning supplies with EOs!



  • 2 Durable Reusable Containers: 1 Blue Spray Bottle & 1 Reusable Wet Wipes Container with reclaimed cotton squares
  • 3 Wet-Wipes Recipes: All-Purpose, Gentle & Heavy Duty
  • 5 Spray Cleaner Recipes: Kitchen, Bathroom, Glass, Tile & Wood
  • Clean & disinfect naturally with powerful essential oils
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals & Stop throwing away disposable wipes.
  • Make your own non-toxic homemade cleaning products
  • No waste! Save money and the environment!


The Perfect DIY Cleaning Kit!

This kit includes everything you need to replace household cleaning chemicals with safe, non-toxic homemade formulas in your kitchen. Use the natural antibacterial, disinfectant, and fragrant properties of essential oils to clean every surface in your kitchen.

Our Guarantee

We make products for life. Our USA-made bottles and sprayers are of such high quality that we guarantee their durability. If one of your bottles or sprayers breaks for any reason, Cleaning Essentials will replace it.

The Cleaning Essentials Sprayer Bottle

Our mission to replace the chemical cleaning products of the world started with the original blue glass bottle. Your kit includes one blue spray bottle and one wipes container so that you can easily clean every surface!

Eliminate Waste!

This durable, refillable 16 oz glass sprayer bottle makes it easy to replace wasteful store-bought chemical cleaners with all-natural, non-toxic homemade cleaners you make yourself at home. Simply choose a recipe, add ingredients to the fill lines on the bottle, shake, and you’re ready to clean! Every time you mix up a batch of cleaner, you not only eliminate the waste of a plastic bottle – you also avoid the shipping and production costs associated with that bottle and reduce your family’s exposure to toxic chemicals!

5 Natural, Non-Toxic Household Cleaner Recipes

Each reusable spray bottle has 5 cleaning recipes printed on the outside. These homemade recipes use naturally aromatic and antibacterial essential oils to replace harsh chemicals.

DIY Kitchen Cleaner – the natural cleaner to use for hard jobs, thanks to its excellent degreasing properties.

Chemical-Free Glass Cleaner – cleaner works well on any surface that needs a streak-free shine.

DIY Tile Cleaner – works well for whitening grout and cleaning tile

DIY Bathroom Cleaner – is a great antibacterial all-purpose cleaner for not only the bathroom, but any room of the house.

DIY Wood Cleaner – gently brings out the natural shine in wood furniture and floors


  • Refillable, Dishwasher-safe BPA & Lead Free Glass
  • Amber Color protects EOs from UV damage
  • 3 Trigger Sprayer Settings: Spray, Stream & Off
  • Includes Recipes
  • Save money, reduce waste, and replace harmful chemicals!


DIY Wet Wipes Container

The Cleaning Essentials’ reusable DIY wet wipes container comes packed with clean, reclaimed cotton wipes! All you have to do is mix up one of the recipes on the side of the durable glass jar to make gentle, all-purpose, or heavy-duty homemade cleaning wipes. These recipes are made with Essential Oils and safe, non-toxic ingredients found in your home.

Reduce Waste by making your own DIY Wet Wipes

After you make your wipe solution, add the cloth squares and let them absorb the solution. After each use, simply ring out the wipes (or rinse in the sink if they’re really dirty) and toss into the laundry pile. You’ll be helping your family live with less chemicals, you’ll be saving the environment from the damaging effects of disposable wipes, and you’ll be saving money, too!


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