Cleaning Essentials sources the highest quality reusable cleaning containers available. Our products are made to be used over and over again. The Original Glass Cleaning Bottle and wipes container have easy to follow recipes printed right on the side. The colored glass protects the essential oils that give green cleaners their power. These guaranteed-durable containers eliminate plastic, reduce waste, and are made in the USA.

Collections of our most popular products.  Everything you need to replace almost all of the store-bought cleaners in your home. These do-it-yourself green-cleaning kits will save you money as you make your own planet-preserving cleaners. Start with a duo of durable glass spray bottles (made in the USA), or grab enough reusable recipe containers to replace all your household conventional cleaners at once!

The perfect unique gift for the Eco-conscious individual on your list.  Collections of our most popular products packaged in reusable containers. Our boxes are handmade in the USA from sustainably sourced softwood.  Each box is fire branded with Cleaning Essentials’ logo and come with natural variations in color.

Essential oils give homemade green cleaners their antibacterial power and pleasant, natural fragrance. We procure our essential oils only from sustainable sources, and we work closely with suppliers and distributors to ensure the purest Essential Oils for the most reasonable price.  Our citrus oils come from California and are cold-pressed to maintain their purity. Our floral Essential Oils like Lavender, Wintergreen, and Tea Tree are steam distilled to ensure no contaminants dilute the quality of the oils. All of our essential oil and blends are Organic and Certified Fair Trade.

How To Remove Mold

Once you’ve got mold and mildew under control, what’s the best way to prevent a repeat appearance? A few simple steps can keep mold from forming in the first place.

DIY Granite Counter Top Cleaner

How do you clean granite countertops?   This is a question we get a lot, and to be honest, one that we’ve avoided for some time.  See, we have simple butcherblock in our home, and using vinegar water, and maybe some baking soda we can clean up pretty much any...

Clean up oil based paint with Olive Oil!

Grease, oil, lacquer, non-water based anything can be a real pain to get off your hands.  Ideally, you’d wear gloves, but sometimes they don’t make sense for quick jobs like fixing a bike chain or touching up some paint.  So what are our options for cleaning up?...

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