The Magic of Mint

Customers often ask about our favorite oils, and we find that mint always lands near the top of that list. With an appealing scent, useful antibacterial properties and all-around versatility, this one is hard to beat.

What Is Mint?

Out in nature, mint is a hardy, fragrant little herb that grows well in gardens or pots. It’s a perennial with ragged-edged leaves and a square stem, and it typically blooms with petite pink, white or purple flowers. The mint family includes more than 20 different species, from traditional peppermint and spearmint to playful varieties like chocolate mint, apple mint, lemon mint and pennyroyal.

How Is Mint Used?

Mint is as practical as it is pretty. The herb garden staple is a popular accent plant and ground cover option. Fresh mint can be tossed in a salad, brewed up as tea, stirred into a cocktail or included as a tangy addition to sparkling water. Once harvested, it’s also a key component in heaps of different consumer products: perfumes, cosmetics, toothpaste, chewing gum, air fresheners, herbal medicines and more.


Why We Love Mint

When it comes to household use, mint is a major multi-tasker – and it offers a great alternative to harsh chemicals. Because it has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, we mix mint oil into many of our cleaning scrubs and sprays. In addition to keeping our windows clear and our tiles sparkling, mint carries a fresh, calming scent that makes the whole house seem a little cozier.


Here are four other ways to put mint to work in your home.

  • Make a simple glass cleaner by pouring one part vodka and two parts water into a glass spray bottle. Add 12-24 drops of mint oil to the mix and shake it up – then spritz and wipe with a clean towel or crumbled newspaper for a streak-free finish.
  • Struggling to keep ants, spiders, roaches and other little nuisances out of your home? Practice gentle pest control by pouring some mint oil on a cloth or cotton ball. Wipe it around windowsills and door frames to form a natural barrier.
  • A similar approach can also deter mice. Place peppermint-soaked cotton balls in strategic spots around the house to discourage little four-legged friends from invading.
  • Freshen up stinky running shoes by soaking a cotton ball in mint oil. Then, tuck one in each shoe overnight. By morning, you should have a subtle, crisp new scent.


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